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Who is Desi Matlock?

Web ConsultantDesi Matlock Web Consultant

Since 2003, Desi Matlock has been a web professional; starting out as both a marketer and designer/redesigner, and transitioning over to more of a troubleshooter. With Desi, you get someone who knows inside and out how to help you with your web presence.

This often includes consultation in:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) – marketing practices, optimizing/troubleshooting existing campaigns;
  • Social Media – Helping strategize for best return on existing campaigns;
  • SEO – how to improve existing strategies to optimize around search visibility;
  • UX – How to optimize your existing web presence for users;
  • Analytics – Analysis and recommendations based on both website analytics/logs, or web analytics (the greater landscape);
  • Website Security – Internet, server, and site, either defense, troubleshooting, or aftermath.
  • Ownership/Rights – returning ownership of domains and sites that have been phished away from their owners;
  • Development Issues – Consulting on how to repair stalled development projects without having to go back to square one;

How Desi is Different

  1. No farming out – Desi does the work herself. She does not farm the work out to newbies or inexperienced third parties. You get personal attention and access to someone who knows what they are doing and cares about your business success.
  2. Respecting Boundaries – You retain the controls. Administrative power will never be withheld from you. You are not required to continue to be a client forever in order to access any accounts and websites which Desi creates or manages for you. You can remove her access at any time. This is very unusual in this field. There are unethical webmasters who will take advantage of the fact that you don’t know what they’re up to exactly to tie you to them.
  3. No Padding – Desi will never try to sell you services she doesn’t feel you need. For example, if your company only works locally, she will not waste your time and money on nationwide advertising unnecessarily. There is more work to be done out here than any one consultant could possibly do – making busy-work is totally unnecessary. Each business is different – Desi will know which marketing tools will best serve your needs… and which won’t.
  4. You Don’t Have to Start Over – She will take over a preexisting account or scene if needed – you’re not required to start over from square zero with her.
  5. Knowing Limits – Anything you actually need which Desi doesn’t do, she’ll tell you right off and she will know someone who can. Desi has been at this long enough to have trustworthy, experienced collaborators who can help you get the job done.

There are many fly-by-night or glitzy web marketing companies out there with whom you can spend thousands in unnecessary dollars. They may tell you they can work miracles or can get you to “number one” within no time at all. They may tell you that your website is terribly broken when it is actually doing just fine. That is their way of promoting their services. The difference here is that Desi knows what can or cannot be done and how to achieve it. The services that cost you extra and have long-term continuing costs with these other firms are all rolled in to the work Desi does for her clients without continuing costs. If you just want her help reviewing a company that is soliciting you, to see if they are legit, she’ll even consult on that.
She knows the struggle to get found in a marketplace saturated by big companies with lots of money to throw around. Finding your niche, marketing to it the smart way, and directing them to a well-built site that converts those people into customers is the ticket.
You’re definitely spending money online. Let’s make sure you’re not throwing money into a problem rather than a solution.