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TweetAdder Alternative now that Twitter Automation Tools are going dead

So, Tweet Adder is dead, even for those who it was still working for – on the original license type. There were 16 licenses owned by clients, all of which suddenly went silent and had invalid licenses as of yesterday.

Checked a few other tools that used to be pretty well liked, and they’re all twitching with their legs up now, too.

The only workable way to automate Social Media is, in my mind, to do so within your website. It is actually a better solution anyway.


There are a few plugins that I recommend.

First, there is a plugin that used to be called “tweet old post” but is now calling itself “revive old post” because it covers more than Twitter apparently. I don’t get a cut, I just wanted to make a recommendation because I know there are plenty of people looking for a viable twitter automation tool.

As always, I recommend getting the pro versions of any software you actually use regularly. And you WILL use this one, but it won’t take NEARLY the amount of work that Tweet Adder did. It’s simple and it’s a set and forget type of Twitter tool. Quite useful.


This next one is hands down the most flexible automation tool out there for the serious social person with a WordPress install, and it’s called SNAP.

The only caveat is that you will be beating your head against a wall to get it fully implemented/integrated unless you have both techie skills AND are the social media username who has overhead access to all the needed social media accounts. That’s rarely the same person in most of my client’s businesses, and as a result, many clients don’t actually get this plugin fully implemented unless I take over. You’ll see. But if you’re a small business with a serious stake in getting the word out on social, and you’re using your WordPress site as your primary content factory – you need this yesterday for automating all your social networks, and I do mean all of them. It’s not cheap, but it works.



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