Recommended Reading Roundup

Here are some great posts I recommend you read:

General SEO stuff…

Super Common SEO Mistakes

Blekko for Dummies

Social Media Writing Differs from Traditional Web Writing

MySpace Revamp

AOL Facelift (see a theme on these two? hmmm…)

Microsoft AdCenter impressions bug still being fixed

Search, not Social, is how people find products online

All about Google and related…

Google Local Integration Game Changer

Google Places Search – Losers and Winners

Places and Local Link Building

Google Growing Up

Is Google Broken?

Using Viral Video and YouTube Advertising Together

Top 15 Eric Schmidt Quotes (this one’s just scary/entertaining)

Google Instant isn’t changing search behavior


Twitter is Still Growing

Twitter Testing Promoted Tweets in Timeline (greeeeaaaaat)

AdWords Call Metrics – new stuff is good.

Oldie but Goody for history buffs like me…

History of Social Media

Let’s end with one that is itself a roundup. Some of the same posts I’ve listed are mentioned here – seems we’re in agreement that these were major posts this week…

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