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PPC Advertisers – Three Ways to Adapt to “No More Exact Match” in Adwords

If you didn’t know, Google Adwords is getting rid of true exact match keywords, and will be including “close variants” automatically. Here’s a rundown on it from Google. But, as Rand Fishkin pointed out, this might mean that a bid on “fish sauce” may now begin to include “sauces for fish” searchers – which is obviously […]

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What Does WiFi Mean Anyway?

The word WiFi. What does it mean? Where’s it from? Despite mass confusion since the beginning, it’s not actually short for “Wireless Fidelity”. It’s just a play on the well-known word Hi-Fi, which itself was a mashup of  “High Fidelity”. High or low fidelity indicated distortion levels in sound systems, way back when. Obviously higher […]

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15 Email Deliverability Tips for Business

There are certain key things that can be done to as part of your standard methods of operation as a company to circumvent any email deliverability issues that might come from getting blacklisted because you didn’t play along with the rules. Keep in mind that these rules, when applied, result in EVERYONE being happy. You […]

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Recommended WordPress Security Plugins

There are a few WordPress plugins I routinely recommend for security: Block countries you don’t want visiting the site with IQ Block Country. Use WordFence (paid is recommended but not required for primo protection) to protect your site from many forms of hack. All in One WordPress Security and Firewall is a pretty good solution […]

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Nudge Nudge Nudge

I was on the phone with a colleague at Google today, when he reminded me that it’s been a few months since I posted anything to my blog. Being shamed (by no less than a smarty pants over at the great Goog) into a fresh post, I decided to write a post about that very […]

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A shiny new MySpace

In case you can still remember your password, myspace has relaunched. New intent aside, the core functions are a lot swankier and polished than facebook, and much classier than their familiar old look. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived today after a friend pointed out that they’d received an invite. That indicated that the […]

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As many of you know, my schedule is ridiculously busy. Please remember the best ways to contact me: Contact numbers: 818-446-2185 California 541-991-4569 Oregon 727-266-0575 East Coast These are the phone numbers to use. If you’re not reaching me, that might be why. If you need tech support or assistance with any existing project or […]

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