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MSN – Flashback to 2002

I just got this email in my inbox. An ad for using MSN as a portal. A big visual ad that didn’t work in plain text.

Yes. Today, in 2014… new-msn-2014

I’m not sure what to say. Do they not realize what year it is? Is this some kind of warped throwback Thursday?

What strange frozen-in-time scenario results in this kind of thing and how can I get in on it? I’d like to go back to a time when the internet was so incredibly simple to master that you could be assured of top rankings with just a few simple tweaks… Back further to when Altavista and Yahoo vied for top dog and Googol was just one to the hundredth power…. When AOL billed me monthly whether I liked it or not.

Ahhh…. those were the days.

Okay, enough of nostalgia for simpler portal-driven times.

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