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Mobile-Friendliness Update

You may have noticed that the world’s gone mobile-device crazy. I’m no exception. When I started blogging about websites, my smalllest device was my laptop. My blackberry wasn’t taking me to websites, my laptop was. What I saw back then, ten years or so ago on my laptop screen, was basically what I’m seeing now on […]

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Mobile Friendly Yet?

I’ve been busy making old blogs new again, polishing and spiffing them up and getting them ready for the brave new mobile world. I will address the questions I get most often: Which businesses really need to go mobile friendly in a rush? Local businesses that need walk-ins Local service-industry businesses Any blog, or site with fresh cycling […]

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What Does Too Much SEO Look Like?

There is such a thing as too much SEO, and this article covers my personal pet peeves – no one wants to visit sites with this particular problem: When Websites Don’t Provide What The Say They Will – By Jill Whalen Also covered, pages that technically drone on about the subject but don’t answer the […]

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How an SEO should be vetted

SEO and Recommendations When you’re looking at hiring an SEO, the search results bring you to the big boys – the ones that a small to medium sized business cannot possibly afford, or to SEO do-it-yourself software tools (and sometimes to complex sign-up forms for systems that may or may not  integrate well into your […]

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