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Mobile Friendly Yet?

I’ve been busy making old blogs new again, polishing and spiffing them up and getting them ready for the brave new mobile world. I will address the questions I get most often: Which businesses really need to go mobile friendly in a rush? Local businesses that need walk-ins Local service-industry businesses Any blog, or site with fresh cycling […]

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A shiny new MySpace

In case you can still remember your password, myspace has relaunched. New intent aside, the core functions are a lot swankier and polished than facebook, and much classier than their familiar old look. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived today after a friend pointed out that they’d received an invite. That indicated that the […]

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New Tool for Local Businesses

Whether or not you live in a Major metropolis, you can now benefit from the tools created for social apps and iphones to help draw new customers in. Repeat business is the lifeblood of a successful storefront, after all. is a new service that allows you to create an customer loyalty program of your own […]

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If you can fake it, you’ve got it made… Just kidding. In reality, it is the key to a good social media campaign. If you want to be popular in social media, find your MESSAGE, find a campaign that links that message to your product, and put your authentic voice behind it. Of course, first […]

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