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Web marketing is not the same as traditional marketing, although all the same core tenets apply.

Mobile Friendly Yet?

I’ve been busy making old blogs new again, polishing and spiffing them up and getting them ready for the brave new mobile world. I will address the questions I get most often: Which businesses really need to go mobile friendly in a rush? Local businesses that need walk-ins Local service-industry businesses Any blog, or site with fresh cycling […]

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PPC Advertisers – Three Ways to Adapt to “No More Exact Match” in Adwords

If you didn’t know, Google Adwords is getting rid of true exact match keywords, and will be including “close variants” automatically. Here’s a rundown on it from Google. But, as Rand Fishkin pointed out, this might mean that a bid on “fish sauce” may now begin to include “sauces for fish” searchers – which is obviously […]

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What Does WiFi Mean Anyway?

The word WiFi. What does it mean? Where’s it from? Despite mass confusion since the beginning, it’s not actually short for “Wireless Fidelity”. It’s just a play on the well-known word Hi-Fi, which itself was a mashup of  “High Fidelity”. High or low fidelity indicated distortion levels in sound systems, way back when. Obviously higher […]

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A shiny new MySpace

In case you can still remember your password, myspace has relaunched. New intent aside, the core functions are a lot swankier and polished than facebook, and much classier than their familiar old look. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived today after a friend pointed out that they’d received an invite. That indicated that the […]

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