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Questions I get asked that I’m answering publicly. Especially if it’s a question that I get asked often.

Email Open Rates — Quick Study

I was recently asked to review best practices for open rates and provide that research to a client.  I figured we could all benefit from what I found out by studying not only historical data for high-traffic clients but online research as well. 1. What Device are they opening the email with? Many people now […]

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Mission statement of sorts…

People ask me why I do what I do. So here goes. 1. My purpose in living is to help people thrive. Everything I do is driven by it. I get the world’s biggest kick out of finding a solution to a problem that makes it so that someone else can flourish and prosper. You […]

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RSS Syndication – Defined, with Pros/Cons

Question: On our blog, are we using RSS syndication? I went to a social media seminar, and they talked about how great RSS syndication was. My blog uses RSS, right? Answer: “RSS Syndication” as that seminar meant it is not something your blog does for you. What your blog does for you is… A blog […]

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