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Do you collect email addresses? You’re about to start getting an error message.

If your website is not already on HTTPS instead of HTTP, any forms on your website, any and every form, will start showing error messages. Chrome is implementing, and other browsers will surely follow suit. How do you solve this? Immediately upgrade you hosting so that your site has a security certificate (SSL) and change […]

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Mobile-Friendliness Update

You may have noticed that the world’s gone mobile-device crazy. I’m no exception. When I started blogging about websites, my smalllest device was my laptop. My blackberry wasn’t taking me to websites, my laptop was. What I saw back then, ten years or so ago on my laptop screen, was basically what I’m seeing now on […]

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Mobile Friendly Yet?

I’ve been busy making old blogs new again, polishing and spiffing them up and getting them ready for the brave new mobile world. I will address the questions I get most often: Which businesses really need to go mobile friendly in a rush? Local businesses that need walk-ins Local service-industry businesses Any blog, or site with fresh cycling […]

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HTML finally made it onto TV! Well, sorta.

You all know how I feel about the IQ test, and whether it actually measures intelligence. Well, anyone who’s been listening to me rant over the last few years does. It doesn’t measure intelligence as much as ease of accessing archived educational tidbits. That is why I rank incredibly well despite my failings, and why […]

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MSN – Flashback to 2002

I just got this email in my inbox. An ad for using MSN as a portal. A big visual ad that didn’t work in plain text. Yes. Today, in 2014… I’m not sure what to say. Do they not realize what year it is? Is this some kind of warped throwback Thursday? What strange frozen-in-time […]

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PPC Advertisers – Three Ways to Adapt to “No More Exact Match” in Adwords

If you didn’t know, Google Adwords is getting rid of true exact match keywords, and will be including “close variants” automatically. Here’s a rundown on it from Google. But, as Rand Fishkin pointed out, this might mean that a bid on “fish sauce” may now begin to include “sauces for fish” searchers – which is obviously […]

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